How to apply

Apply for the competition via our online application form (deadline November 5, 2019) and decide for one of the following options to participate in the qualifying procedure:

Live Screening Auditions:

The audition itself lasts approximately 15 minutes. All pieces must be prepared entirely and played by memory. The piece you are starting with can be chosen freely. Please note that the Jury is allowed to interrupt and to ask for another movement. All repeats must be played within Variations but can be chosen freely within Sonatas. Time for trying out the audition piano is limited to 5 minutes just before the actual audition.

Live Screening Auditions are planned for January/February 2020 in the following musical centers: Berlin, Vienna, Tokyo, New York City and Shanghai. The specific dates will be announced in December.

Video Auditions:

Anyone incapable of participating at one of our International Screening Auditions may send in his or her recorded audition no later than January 15th, 2020 (no exceptions) instead of participating at one of the locations of our Screening Auditions. The recording can be send either by DVD or USB-Stick to our competition office (Lothringerstrasse 18, 1030 Wien, Austria) or via YouTube-Link, Dropbox-Link, WeTransfer or any other comparable service to It is mandatory that you apply for the competition via our online application form and that you pay the application fee (100 Euro) before sending in your application video.

Please understand that we cannot send back material sent to our office. Please mark your DVD or USB-Stick with your name.

The recording shall be taken by one camera, showing the right profile of the performer. To improve sound quality, the use of external microphones is advised.

The required program for the recorded Audition is the same as for the Live Auditions (for details, please refer to our Repertoire requirements). The recordings need to include all movements of all the chosen works!


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