Repertoire Requirements:

In selecting his/her competition programme, the candidate is requested to choose works from each of the following 6 groups and has to include one of the pieces marked by an asterisk (*).

  • Group 1: One of the sonatas from op. 2/1 to op. 26 (with the exception of op. 14/1 and 14/2)
  • Group 2: One of the sonatas from op. 27 to op. 90 (with the exception of op. 49/1, 49/2 and op. 79)
  • Group 3: One of the sonatas op. 101*, 106*, 109, 110, 111*, or Variations op. 120* (Diabelli Variations)
  • Group 4: One of the following variation-works: op. 34, 24 Variations on the Ariette: “Venni amore” by V. Righini (1790) WoO 65, 12 Variations on a Russian dance from the ballet “Das Waldmädchen” by R. Wranitzky WoO 71, 32 Variations c-minor WoO 80
  • Group 5: One of following pieces: Bagatelles op.33, Variations op. 35*, both Rondos op. 51/1, 51/2, Fantasy op. 77, Polonaise op. 89, Bagatelles op. 119, Bagatelles op. 126, Rondo op. 129, Andante favori WoO 57
  • Group 6: Two piano concertos, one from each group:
  • a) op. 15 or op. 19 or op. 37
  • b) op. 58 or op. 73

For the Screening Audition, the candidate must perform the following:

  1. One work chosen from Group 2 or 3
  2. One work from Group 4

(The works chosen for the competition can be identical with those played in the screening audition)

Please note: In case of a Video Audition, the works must be performed completely with all movements. In case of a Live Audition, the Screening Jury will interrupt the performance and/or ask for individual movements. Detailed information concerning the Live Audition as well as the Video Audition can be found here.

(All pieces must be prepared entirely and played from memory)

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